The Cayman Islands are within the ancient Episcopal Jurisdiction

of The Bishop of London granted him by the Crown in 1634

St Alban’s (Grand Cayman) & St Mary’s (Cayman Brac)

Church & Office - 461 Shedden Road

P O Box 719, Grand Cayman KY1-1103, CAYMAN ISLANDS

Tel (345) 949 2757

8 October 2017

Welcome to St Alban’s Anglican Church

Today's Scripture: Isaiah 5: 1-7,     Philippians 3: 4b-14,     S. Matthew 21: 33-end

Today: 8.35 am Matins; 9.00 am Church School; 9.30 am Holy Eucharist; 6.00 pm Evening Prayer

This Week: Tues - Fri 12.30 pm Midday Prayers; Thurs 5 pm Evening Prayer foll. by Church Council meeting; Sat 10am Prison


Next Sunday: 8.35 am Matins & Litany; 9.00 am Ch Sch; 9.30 am Holy Eucharist; 6.00 pm EP

Collect for Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity

LORD, we pray thee that thy grace may always prevent and follow us, and make us continually to be given to all good works; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


People who saw Henry Jenkins’s farm would murmur to themselves. It was set in one of the most beautiful valleys in the area, with rolling fields that lolled into the distance and disappeared over the gentle inclines of the hills and mountains.

Although the farm was quite productive since Henry had a good herd of prize cattle and a flock of hardy sheep, there were one or two things that stood out as being rather bizarre.

The farmhouse was only just habitable. The rumour was that Henry had had a row with his family and when his father died Henry had been passed over and all the property had been bequeathed to Edward Jenkins, his younger brother with whom he didn’t get on. Henry was allowed to stay in it until he died. But knowing that Edward would inherit the house and land, he had deliberately spent nothing on it and let it go to wrack and ruin. The roof leaked, the window frames were rotten and the wall was on the verge of toppling down.

The arable fields that once were vast swathes of corn and barley had been left to grow into brambles and briars. There was plenty of opportunity for the land to be productive, but this was yet another way for Henry to get back at Edward.

Henry didn’t mind living in the place. He earned more than enough to live on from the animals and he couldn’t be bothered to put himself out. A few buyers came and tried to offer him a large amount for the property, given its potential. But Henry wasn’t interested and of course never mentioned it to Edward.

The sting in the tail came one November’s evening. News arrived that his younger brother had died. And when the will was read, Edward had left the farmhouse and all the property to Henry.


My friend had a vineyard

on a fertile hillside.

He dug the soil, cleared it of stones,

and planted choice vines in it.

(Isaiah 5:1-2)

I AM THE LAY PASTOR of a small, not-growing church. I am not ordained. I am not seminary trained. I was asked to leave both Bible Colleges I attended. I am divorced and remarried. On any given day, I am capable of being a jerk with my wife and family. I am terminally insecure, which causes me to compensate with bouts of arrogance. At times, people irritate me, and I hide from them. I am impulsive, which causes me to say things I shouldn't and make promises I cannot keep. I am inconsistent. My walk with Christ is a stuttering, stumbling, bumbling attempt to follow him. I have been a Christian 45 years. I am familiar with the vocabulary of faith, and I am often asked to give advice about matters of faith. But I am still a mess. I am 56 years old and still a struggling, flawed, clumsy, unstable, follower of Jesus. A bona fide failure. That bothers a lot of people. Over the years they have expressed their displeasure with my failings. Some have abandoned me, writing me out of the Kingdom. But not Jesus. He refuses to give up. You see, Jesus can't stay away from people who fail…(Rich Hadley)


Mon: 2 Chron 9: 1-12, Mark 14: 1-11, Acts 21:37 - 22:21

Tues: 2 Chron 10:1 - 11:4, Mark 14: 12-25, Ac 22:22 - 23:11

Wed: 2 Chronicles 12, Mark 14: 26-42, Acts 23: 12-end

Thurs: 2 Chron 13:1 - 14:1, Mark 14: 43-52, Ac 24: 1-23

Fri: 2 Chron 14: 2-end, Mark 14: 53-65, Acts 24:24 - 25:12

Sat: 2 Chron 15: 1-15, Mark 14: 66-end, Acts 25: 13-end

NEXT SUNDAY: Isaiah 25: 1-9, Philippians 4: 1-9, S. Matthew 22: 1-14