The Cayman Islands are within the ancient Episcopal Jurisdiction

 of The Bishop of London granted him by the Crown in 1634

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15 November

Welcome to St Alban’s Anglican Church

Today's Scripture: Daniel 12: 1-3 Hebrews 10: 11-25 S. Mark 13: 1-8

Today: 8.35am Matins; 9am Church School; 9.30 am HOLY EUCHARIST; 6 pm E.P. This Week: Tues-Fri 12.30 pm

Midday Prayers; Tuesday 5.30 p.m. Church Council.

Next Sunday: 8.35am Matins ; 9am Ch Sch; 9.30 am HOLY EUCHARIST; 6 pm E.P.

Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Trinity

O Lord, we beseech thee, absolve thy people from their offences; that through thy bountiful goodness we may all be delivered from the bands of those sins, which by our frailty we have committed: Grant this, O heavenly Father, for Jesus Christ's sake, our blessed Lord and Saviour.


The idea of a book with the names of those to be admitted to heaven rings strangely in our modern ears. Rather than a leather-bound ledger we would probably have a data base of names, addresses and personal details kept on computer disk or CD.

But when Daniel speaks of this book he is echoing in ancient terms the same situation that still applies today. Men and women still seek a meaning to life, to their actions, their choices, their ultimate hopes and dreams. And, just like us today, Daniel points out that God gives us the freedom to behave in any way we choose in this world, as long as we know that our conduct affects our eternal future.

It’s easy for Christians to get caught up in the here-and-now values of our world. Although society values great acts of personal heroism and admires people who make sacrifices for the benefit and development of others, it still is firmly fixated on the transient, on a passing view of life. Just look at the TV adverts to see what you are supposed to be aiming for. Most are about comfort, luxury and image. You’ve really made it when you have a beautiful person on your arm, can wear the latest designer products and drive the fastest of cars. You are judged by what passes for success.

Yet the gospel tells us that we judged by how we treat others and how close we try to come to knowing and loving God. As the Church’s year draws to a close we remember once more that the values we seek are kingdom values which turn the world’s standards on their head.

If our names are to appear in the Book of Life then it will be because we allowed ourselves to respond to the inner promptings of God’s Spirit, because we took Christ’s teaching and his promises seriously enough to act on them. And just in case we get sucked into thinking that God is so kind that everything will turn out fine whatever sort of lives we lead, we are reminded that God values our free will so much that he lets us choose to opt out of his plan of salvation. God is the last one who would force us to behave in a way that we did not want to. His final judgement is real, and we are helping him to make it day by day.


Of those who lie sleeping in the dust of the earth

many will awake, some to everlasting life,

some to shame and everlasting disgrace.

(Daniel 12:2)


Eventually, no one knows when, time will come to an end. If our existence has any sense or meaning then our actions here and now will have consequences. God will weigh our lives and judge our worth. We can prepare for this only by days of fruitful service of God and others.

DON’T WAIT for the Last Judgement. It takes place each day. (Albert Camus)


Mon: Isaiah 9:8 - 10:4, Matt 7: 1-12, Revelation 10

Tues: Isaiah 10: 5-19, Matt 7: 13-end, Revelation 11:1-14

Wed: Isaiah 10: 20-32, Matthew 8: 1-13, Rev 11: 15-end

Thur: Isaiah 10:33 - 11:9, Matt 8: 14-22, Revelation 12

Fri: Isaiah 11:10 - 12.end, Matt 8: 23-end, Rev 13: 1-10

Sat: Isa 13: 1-13, Matt 9: 1-17, Revelation 13: 11-end

NEXT SUNDAY : Daniel 7: 9-10, 13-14, Revelation 1: 4b-8, S. John 18: 33-37