The Cayman Islands are within the ancient Episcopal Jurisdiction

 of The Bishop of London granted him by the Crown in 1634

St Albans (Grand Cayman) & St Marys (Cayman Brac)

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14 January 2018

Welcome to  St Alban’s Anglican Church 

Today's Scripture:  1 Samuel 3: 1-20 Revelation 5: 1-10 S. John 1: 43-end

EPIPHANY II - 9.00 a.m. Matins; 9.30 a.m. HOLY EUCHARIST Dr. Anthony Garrett at Refreshments; 7 to 8.30 pm Cayman Keswick Convention (First Baptist Church ).

This Week: Mon-Fri 12.10 - 12.50 pm at Family Life Centre Academy Way Keswick Convention Lunchtime , & 7.00 to 8.30 pm at First Baptist Church, Crewe Rd.

Next Sunday - 3rd Sunday after Epiphany: 9.00 a.m. Matins; 9.30 a.m. HOLY EUCHARIST; Dr. Anthony Garrett at Refreshments; 6 p.m. Evening Prayer with Dr. Garrett speaking.

2nd after Epiphany

Almighty and everlasting God, who dost govern all things in heaven and earth: Mercifully hear the supplications of thy people, and grant us thy peace all the days of our life; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

FAITH IN FOCUS: JUST A QUICK NOTE - Dear MotherYou’re probably wondering where I’ve got to over the past month or so. A few weeks ago when I was out listening to John the Baptist a rabbi passed by and John pointed him out as something really special. When I heard what he had to say I was amazed. I asked him where he lived and he invited me to come and see. I stayed with him and now I just want to be around him and hear him speak.

He’s not like the other religious leaders. You really get the impression he’s sent by God. He’s not full of himself and his teaching is so straightforward that you wonder why you never thought of it first. He cuts through all the red tape by saying that we should make sure we love God and look after our neighbours in the same way as we would like to be treated by them.

When you see him in action you soon realise that it’s the ordinary people he warms to quickly. Poor people, children, widows, sick people and those whom others look down on. He has time for everyone although he’s not slow to condemn hypocrisy.

His fame as a preacher is spreading because he has the knack of making you feel that there’s more to life than just getting and having, more important things than what others think of you. It’s as if he has the secret to living life to the full and he really makes you think.

Each time he works a miracle he doesn’t wait for applause but says it’s his Father in heaven that gives him this power, and he says that these miracles will seem like nothing compared with what life will be like for those who follow him. Apparently this new type of life will even last after death.

Simon has joined me along with one or two of the other fishermen, and people from every walk of life are turning up each day to listen to him. Everyone wants to be part of it. They say that if it carries on like this there’ll be thousands of supporters before long. Next month he’ll be back in Capernaum and I can’t wait for you to meet him. What he’s got to offer is too good to be missed, so make sure you don’t lose out! - Your loving son,



Jesus answered Nathaniel, “Do you now believe? You shall see greater things than these.” (John 1:50)


I do not want to run away to sea

I won’t be a policeman or a fireman

And an actor’s life is not for me.

I will not be a gangster in Chicago

For the Vicar says such men are very bad

So order me a cassock and a girdle

For I want to go and be a Cowley dad. (Eric Mascall)

FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL SOUL there is a vocation as real as if that soul were alone upon the planet.


God never stops calling people; it’s just that sometimes we’re not listening. As the apostles were chosen by Jesus individually, so each of us has been given a personal calling by God to share in the task of building the kingdom. The psalmist reminds us that we need to keep ‘an open ear’ to this call.


Mon: Genesis 6: 11 - 7:10, Matt 24: 1–14, 1 Cor 6: 1-11

Tues: Gen 7: 11-end, Matthew 24: 15-28, 1 Cor 6: 12-end

Wed: Gen 8: 1-14, Matt 24: 29-end, 1 Corinthians 7: 1-24

Thurs: Genesis 8:15 - 9:7, Matt 25: 1-13, 1 Cor 7: 25-end

Fri: Genesis 9: 8-19, Matthew 25: 14-30, 1 Corinthians 8

Sat: Gen 11: 1-9, Matthew 25: 31–end, 1 Cor 9: 1-14

NEXT SUNDAY: Genesis 14: 17-20, Revelation 19: 6-10, S. John 2: 1-11