The Cayman Islands are within the ancient Episcopal Jurisdiction

 of The Bishop of London granted him by the Crown in 1634

St Alban’s (Grand Cayman) & St Mary’s (Cayman Brac)

Church & Office - 461 Shedden Road

P O Box 719, Grand Cayman KY1-1103, CAYMAN ISLANDS

Tel  (345) 949 2757

27 December

Welcome to St Alban’s Anglican Church

Today's Scripture: Exod 33: 7-11a     1 John 1     S. John 21: 19b-end

Today(S. John's Day): 9am Matins; 9.30 am HOLY EUCHARIST; 6 pm E.P.

This Week: Mon, Holy Innocents, 12.30 pm Holy Communion; Tues-Thurs 12.30 pm Midday Prayers; Fri (Circumcision of Christ, New

Year's Day)12.30 pm Holy Communion.

Next Sunday: 9am Matins; 9.30 am HOLY EUCHARIST; 6 pm E.P.

Advance Notice: Wed, 6th Jan (The Epiphany), 5.00 pm Holy Communion.

S. John's Day

Merciful Lord, we beseech thee to cast thy bright beams of light upon thy Church, that it being enlightened by the doctrine of thy blessed Apostle and Evangelist Saint John may so walk in the light of thy truth, that it may at length attain to the light of everlasting life; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Christmas Collect

Almighty God, who hast given us thy only-begotten Son to take our nature upon him, and as at this time to be born of a pure Virgin: Grant that we being regenerate, and made thy children by adoption and grace, may daily be renewed by thy Holy Spirit; through the same our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the same Spirit, ever one God, world without end.


God became a human being so that he could show human beings how to become like God. Jesus is God's way to be a man or woman.

Although we love to dwell on the Christmas scene, and there's no harm in that, it's actually what Jesus did as an adult that makes a difference to our lives. For it was his way of life and his teaching that offer us the chance of living our lives to the full. Instead of leaving us with a catalogue of regulations, Jesus told us to serve God and treat our neighbour in the same way that we would like to be treated ourselves.

The birth of any baby sets our thoughts on the future. What will become of the child? What lies in store for them in their family life and eventual career? What sort of a person will they be? Similarly, the Bethlehem scene already hints at the future. For the newborn child will be responsible for the falling and the rising of many, we are told. This is because whether we choose to follow Jesus or not has cosmic consequences: it affects not only our life here on earth, how we live and the people we try to become, but also our future state of happiness in eternity. The manger contains a promise: those who follow this baby will see the face of God.

So Christmas summons each one of us to give birth too, to bring Christ to others. Our glory is to stand before the world as a son or daughter of God, sharing the same nature as God's Son Jesus. We are called to love what is most deeply human in each other and in ourselves, and to see God's living Son made flesh and reflected in those whose lives we touch. For they are just like us. And just like God!

YOUR FAMILY is unique. Just like everyone else's!


ON CHRISTMAS EVE the little girl was rummaging through the presents under the tree and her father asked what she was doing. "At school," she said, "they told us Christmas was Jesus’ birthday. But we've forgotten his present." (Anonymous)

BECAUSE OF HIS BOUNDLESS LOVE, Jesus became what we are that he might make us to be what he is. (Irenaeus)


Mon (Holy Innocents): Jeremiah 31: 15-17, 1 Cor 1: 26-29, S. Matthew 2: 13-18

Tues: Jonah 1, Colossians 1: 1-14, John 1: 1-18

Wed: Jonah 2, Colossians 1: 15-23, John 1: 19-28

Thur: Jonah chs 3 & 4, Coloss 1:24 - 2:7, John 1: 29-34

Fri(CIRCUMCISION OF CHRIST): Genesis 17: 1-13, Romans 2: 17-end, Acts 3: 1-16

Sat: Ruth 1, Colossians 2: 8-end, John 1: 35-42

NEXT SUNDAY : Jeremiah 31: 7-14, Ephesians 1: 3-14, S. John 1: 10-18