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6th January 2017 - The Joyful Power of His Deliverance

25th Decemer - Vision for Our Time

18th December - Overcoming by God's Grace

11th December - Being Made Ready for the Time of Crisis

4th December - Cleansed, Repentant and Reconciled

27th November - An Education in Right and Wrong - The Long Haul: Part 1 & Part 2 (unpublished)

20th November - The Resurrection Hope

6th November - God Our Help

23rd October - A Vindication of the Standards of Grace: Part 1; Part 2

16th October - Faith, Endurance, Gratitude and Love

9th October - The Vision Will Surely Come

2nd October - The True Riches

25th September - Faithfulness in the Time of Crisis

18th September - The Privileges and Obligations of Membership

11th September - Making the Choice of Life and Good

4th September - Dream and Reality

28th August - The Sprinkled Blood

21st August - The Fire and the Hammer

14th August - Great Expectation

7th August - Futility and Substance

31st July - Completing the Long-term Project

24th July - The Good Portion

17th July - God's Good Pleasure

10th July - Inheritors of the Kingdom

19th June - Giver of Life Even in the Worst of Times

5th June - Authority,Inclusion and Bridled Diversity

Further commentaries have been published in hard copy but have not been included in the Reporter's website.

17th April - Worship and Obedience

27th March - Signs of the King

20th March - We Would See Jesus

13th March - The Love of Christ Controls Us

6th March - The Incomparable Mind of God

28th February - A Call to Live in the Resurrection Promise

21st February - Inner Trust and Open Expression

7th February - Perseverance, Healing and Transfiguration

31st January - The Worship and the Proclamation

24th January - God's Joyful Rule

17th January - Care for God's Children

10th January - Law and Moral Principle

3rd January - God's Glory is Spoken

23rd December - The Faith of Mary and Elizabeth

20th December - The Advent Mix

13th December - The Gift of True Discrimination

6th December - Observe the Beginning of the End

29th November - The Truth-Kingdom

22nd November - Steadfast Faith in Times of Trial

15th November - Christ Appears On Our Behalf

8th November - The Call to be Saints

1st November - The Perfect Restoration

25th October - The Healing Mission

18th October - The Choice for Life

11th October - Inocence and Redemption

4th October - The Power of the Lord's Name

27th September - How to be Really Human

20th September - The Tongue of Those who are Taught

13th September - The Extra Reach

6th September - Privileges and Obligations of Christian Discipleship

30th August - The Basis of Ethics

23rd August - Wisdom Food

16th August - Nourishment to Eternity

9th August - The Food that Endures

2nd August - The Overflowing Provision

26th July - Jesus the Patient Shepherd

19th July - The Divine Plumb Line Will Tell All

12th July - The Steady Prophetic Outlook in the Midst of Shifting Circumstances

5th July - The New Wealth of Life, Restoration and Neighbourly Care

28th June - God Appeals to our Belief and Love

21st June - Growth Behind the Scenes

14th June - The Falling and the Raising of Man

7th June - The Trinity - The Sign of God's Continuing Transforming Grace

31st May - The Love of the Holy

24th May - The Truth Testimony of the Father and the Son

17th May - Called to be Overcomers by Love and Obedience

10th May - Our Calling - To Make Perfect the Love of God

26th April - Identity and Destiny

19th April - The Fellowship of the Scars

12th April - From Glimpse to Certainty

5th April (Easter Day) - The King on the Way of The Cross

29th March - The Effective Passion

22nd March - The Rescuing Grace of God

15th March - The Authority of the Government of God

8th March - The Way of Faith

1st March - The Covenant-Making God

22nd February - The Light of the Knowledge of the Glory of God

15th February - Trusting in Ourselves?

8th February - The True Hero

1st February - God's Inversions

25th January - The Lord of Time - Revealed

18th January - Choosing the Light and the Spirit

11th January - The Incarnation Engagement

4th January - The Ensign of the Christ

28th December - On the Throne of David

21st December - The Prophetic Task - Turning the Captivity

14th December - Catastrophe and Comfort

7th December - Pressing On Towards Readiness for God

30th November - The Shepherd-King

23rd November - The Last Word

16th November - Urgent Remediation Necessary

9th November - Receive the Word of Truth

2nd November - Godly Ethics

26th October - The Sovereignty of God

19th October - Responsibility to God in Times of Challenge

12th October - The New Nation

5th October - The Purification of Motives

28th September - Matthews's Choice

21st September - The Settling of Accounts

14th September - The Disciple's Responsibility

7th September - The Disciple's Personal Transformation

31st Aug - Establishing the Kingdom through the Renewal of the Mind

24th Aug - God's Providential Mercy

17th Aug - The Word of Encouragement

10th Aug - The Divine Compassion

3rd Aug - Small Beginnings, Momentous Endings

27th July - God, the First, the Last and All Through

20th July - The Word of Peace and Conflict

13th July - Revelation to the Dependent

6th July -  The Strength of Peter

29th June - The Fire of Proclaiming

22nd June - The Strong Name of the Trinity

15th June - The Responsibility of the Gift

8th June - The Glory of Christ

1st June - Declaring Our Loving Allegiance

25th May - The Good and the Strong

18th May - Abundant Life Flows From God

11th May - Love from the Heart

4th May - Belief and Its Consequences

27th April - Security in the Resurrection

20th April - The Way of the Cross

13th April - Seeing the Glory of God

6th April - Walk in the Light

30th March 2014 - The Gift of Living Water

23rd March 2014 - Towards Resolution By Grace

16th March 2014 - Fighting Temptation

9th March 2014 - The Real Fast

2nd March 2014 - God is Completing His Creation

23rd February - Reflections on a Church Building Project

16th February 2014 - Christ the Transformer of Religion

9th February 2014 - The Shining of the Light

2nd February 2014 - Offering Spiritual Sacrifices

26th January 2014 - Waiting for the Full Revealing

19th January 2014 - The Epiphany of Fatherliness

12th January 2014 - Extension of the Incarnation

5th January 2014 - Final Responsibility

29th December - Receiving God's Signs for our Times

22nd December - Jesus at our Doors

15th December - Overcoming by Grace

8th December - Being Made Ready for the Crisis

1st December - The Joy of His Deliverance

24th November - Right and Wrong - the Long Haul

17th November - The Resurrection Hope

10th November - Cleansed, Repentant and Reconciled

3rd November - God Our Help

27th October - Praying and Not Losing Heart

20th October - Faith, Endurance, Gratitude and Love

13th October - The Vision Will Surely Come

6th October - Messengers, Go-Betweens and Warriors

29th September - Faithfulness in Crisis

22nd September - The Privileges and Obligations of Membership

15th September - The Choice of Life and Good

8th September - Dream and Reality

1st September - The Sprinkled Blood

25th August - The Fire and the Hammer

18th August - Great Expectation

11th August - Vanity and Substance

4th August - The Walk in Christ

28th July - The Good Portion

21st July - God's Good Pleasure

14th July - Filial Obedience

7th July - The Strength of Peter