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9 September 2009

The Hon W. McKeeva Bush,

Leader of Government Business

Government Administration Building,

Grand Cayman KY1-9000

Dear Mr. Bush,

May I add my thanks to you for kindly and graciously calling us pastors to the meeting at the Corporate Centre this morning. I do think it will prove to have been productive for these Islands.

Thank you also for letting us know that certain funds may be available for the churches from the Government. This would come at an opportune time for St. Alban’s, because we have an ongoing project and also a major project that we hope to start in the near future, for both of which funding is needed.

1) Our church’s ongoing project is an after-school homework school that is headed up by my wife (Mrs. Winnifred Sykes). Last year we applied to Hedge Fund Care for support. However, they had narrowed their funding to child abuse or neglect cases, on which perhaps our project might not be seen to be strictly focussed; but in any case our application for assistance from them was declined.

In order to provide you with an idea of this project, which has been continued without the necessary funding and therefore scaled down from the original expectation, I am attaching part of our application last year to Hedge Fund Care.

2) Our church now also needs to re-create its main building. When we purchased the property, Block 14C Parcel 116 at 461 Shedden Road in George Town, and started worshipping here in December 2000, we renovated the existing house, a course of action that was feasible for us, but there are many challenges of size and design in general that need to be addressed for us to be able to achieve potential. We took the decision three years ago to address the children’s needs first, resulting in an ancillary building being added in the style of a traditional Caymanian house, in which the Sunday School and the homework school are now being held. This delayed the start of the major expansion project, in which we hope to construct in the place of the present church a building that will meet our needs into the future and also elevate the area.

We have written to the Ministry for Works in regard to being able to incorporate a disused walkway along the east side of our property so as to be less impeded by set-back requirements for the new structure, and we are looking forward to an early reply. It would help us to receive positive word on this, and also for any charge that might be incurred for the incorporation of the walkway to be waived. I would be most grateful for your good offices in regard to this matter.

It was estimated at our last Council meeting that around CI$500,000 will be needed for this project. At the moment we carry a mortgage of some CI$97,000.

Please let me know of whatever further information may be required, as I will be happy to provide it. I look forward to hearing further from you.

Thank you again.

Yours most sincerely,

(Reverend) Nicholas JG Sykes

+ copies Hedge Fund Care application material

and letter to Ministry of Works

Incorporated in the Cayman Islands in 1985 as an Association not for Profit

under the name of The Ecclesiastical Corporation