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Index of  pew-sheets and Sermons currently online
19th Sunday after Trinity
30th October 2011
Receive the Word of Truth
18th Sunday after Trinity
23rd October 2011
Godly Ethics
17th Sunday after Trinity
16th October 2011
The Sovereignty of God
16th Sunday after Trinity
9th October 2011
Responsibility to God in Times of Challenge
15th Sunday after Trinity
2nd October 2011
The New Nation
14th Sunday after Trinity
25th September 2011
Presence and Accountability
13th Sunday after Trinity
18th September 2011
God Reforms the Human Spirit
12th Sunday after Trinity
11th September 2011
He who calls us to Settle Accounts
11th Sunday after Trinity
4th September 2011
Baptised Into Reality
10th Sunday after Trinity
28th August 2011
The Disciple's Personal Transformation
9th Sunday after Trinity
21st August 2011
Establishing the Kingdom
8th Sunday after Trinity
14th August 2011
God's Providential Mercy
7th Sunday after Trinity
7th August 2011
The Encouraging Word
6th Sunday after Trinity
31st July 2011
The Real Satisfaction
5th Sunday after Trinity
24th July 2011
Great Ends to Small Beginnings
4th Sunday after Trinity
17th July 2011
God the First, the Last and All Through
3rd Sunday after Trinity
10th July 2011
Peter Westin preaches
2nd Sunday after Trinity
3rd July 2011
God's Revelation to those who Depend upon Him
1st Sunday after Trinity
26th June 2011
God Alone Provides for the Obedience of Heart and Will
Trinity Sunday & St. Alban's Patronal festival
19th June 2011
The Strong Name of the Trinity
Whit Sunday (Pentecost)
12th June 2011
The Responsibility of the Gift
Sunday after Ascension Day
5th June 2011
Alan Hall preaches
5th Sunday after Easter
29th May 2011
Declaring Our Loving Allegiance
4th Sunday after Easter
22nd May 2011
Consolations of Jesus' Company
3rd Sunday after Easter
15th May 2011
Abundant Life
2nd Sunday after Easter
8th May 2011
Love from the Heart
1st Sunday after Easter
1st May 2011
Scott Elphinstone preaches
Easter Day
24th April 2011
Security in the Resurrection
Good Friday
22nd April 2011
The Cause of Eternal Salvation
Palm Sunday
17th April 2011
The Way of the Cross
5th Sunday in Lent10th April 2011Seeing the Glory of God
4th Sunday in Lent
3rd April 2011
God's "Plan B"
3rd Sunday in Lent
27th March 2011
The Gift of Living Water
2nd Sunday in Lent20th March 2011Transforming Dissonance to Resolution by Grace
1st Sunday in Lent13th March 2011Fighting Temptation
Ash Wednesday9th March 2011Training for Liberty
6th March 2011
God Transforming our Lives
27th February 2011
God is Completing His Creation
20th February 2011
Building the Church - a Holy Task
6th Sunday of the Epiphany
13th February 2011
The Divine Recipe for Blessedness
5th Sunday of the Epiphany
6th February 2011
Alan Hall preaches
4th Sunday of the Epiphany
30th January 2011
The Hour of Restoration
3rd Sunday of the Epiphany
23rd January 2011
Light in a Dark Place
2nd Sunday of the Epiphany16th January 2011Waiting for the Revealing
1st Sunday of the Epiphany9th January 2011The Filial Epiphany
2nd Sunday after Christmnas Day
2nd January 2011
Extension of the Incarnation - Ultimate Privilege and Responsibility
1st Sunday after Christmas Day
26th December 2010
Final Responsibility
Christmas Day
25th December 2010
The Sign of the Special King
4th Sunday in Advent
19th December 2010
Receiving God's Signs
3rd Sunday in Advent
12th December 2010
Jesus at our Doors
2nd Sunday in Advent
5th December 2010
Overcoming by Grace
Advent Sunday
28th November 2010
The Time of Crisis and Challenge
Sunday Next Before Advent
21st November 2010
The Joy of His Deliverance
24th Sunday after Trinity14th November 2010Bishop Tim Klerekoper preaches
23rd Sunday after Trinity
7th November 2010
The Resurrection Hope
22nd Sunday after Trinity
31st October 2010
Cleansed and Reconciled
21st Sunday after Trinity24th October 2010God Our Help
20th Sunday after Trinity17th October 2010The Vindication of the Elect
19th Sunday after Trinity
10th October 2010
Christ's Faithful to Life's End
18th Sunday after Trinity
3rd October 2010
The Vision will surely come
17th Sunday after Trinity
26th September 2010
The True Riches
16th Sunday after Trinity
19th September 2010
Faithfulness in Crisis
15th Sunday after Trinity12th September 2010The Privileges and Obligations of Membership
14th Sunday after Trinity5th September 2010Making the Choice of Life and Good
13th Sunday after Trinity29th August 2010
The Dream and the Reality
12th Sunday after Trinity  22nd August 2010 The Sprinkled Blood
Blessed Virgin Mary - 11th Sunday after Trinity  15th August 2010 The Fullness of Time
10th Sunday after Trinity  8th August 2010 Great Expectation
9th Sunday after Trinity  1st August 2010 Vanity and Substance
S. James, Ap (Trinity VIII) 25th July 2010 The Depth Dimension
7th Sunday after Trinity  18th July 2010 The Good Portion
6th Sunday after Trinity  11th July 2010 God's Good Pleasure
5th Sunday after Trinity  4th July 2010 Sermon preached by Mr. Alan Hall
4th Sunday after Trinity  27th June 2010 Filial Obedience to our Father
3rd Sunday after Trinity  20th June 2010 Responding Rightly to God's Calling
2nd Sunday after Trinity  13th June 2010 Holier Than Thou?
1st Sunday after Trinity  6th June 2010 The Giver of Life
Trinity Sunday  30th May 2010 God's Long View
Whit Sunday  23rd May 2010 The Spirit-Sustained Life 
Sunday after Ascension Day  16th May 2010 God's Glory, Strong but Changing the Hard to Gentle  
5th Sunday after Easter  9th May 2010 Eyes on the New Agenda
4th Sunday after Easter  2nd May 2010 Pyramid of Satisfactions
3rd Sunday after Easter  25th April 2010 Witness to His Glorious Life
2nd Sunday after Easter  18th April 2010 Worship and Obedience
1st Sunday after Easter  11th April 2010 The Lord of All History
Easter Sunday  4th April 2010 The Renewal Begins to Unfold
Good Friday 2nd April 2010 Suffering and Glorious Victory
Palm Sunday - Sunday Next Before Easter 28th March 2010 Signs of the King
5th Sunday in Lent- Passiontide Begins 21st March 2010 We Would See Jesus
4th Sunday in Lent 14th March 2010 The Love of Christ Controls Us
3rd Sunday in Lent 7th March 2010 Dr. Stuart Mews preaches
2nd Sunday in Lent 28th February 2010 A Call to Live in the Resurrection Promise
1st Sunday in Lent 21st February 2010 Trust and Confession
Quinquagesima Sunday  14th February 2010 Perseverance, Healing and  Transfiguration
Sexagesima Sunday  7th February 2010 The Call to Share Christ's Perspective
Septuagesima Sunday  31st January 2010 Nuts and Bolts, Prophecy, and God's Crowning Glory of Love
3rd Sunday after  Epiphany   24th January 2010 The Worship and the Proclamation
2nd Sunday after  Epiphany   17th January 2010 God's Joyful Rule
1st Sunday after  Epiphany   10th January 2010 Empowerment of God's Children
2nd Sunday after  Christmas   3rd January 2010 Ultimate Privilege and Responsibility
Sunday after  Christmas - S. John's Day  27th December 2009 The Invasion of the Word
Christmas Day  25th December 2009 God's Glory Is Spoken
4th Sunday in Advent  20th December 2009 The Faith of Mary and Elizabeth